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Here's a cutting from the review:. Either through direct sales, or via large accounts, Small Kingdoms and Other Stories will be out of print on publication, so if you'd like a copy, don't hesitate. The trade hardcover of Tim Powers' reality-bending new novella, More Walls Broken , is in stock and shipping.

Due to a printer error, the signed limited edition is still a ways off. Here are the particulars on the editions available:. And here are a trio of great reviews the novella has received:. From Booklist Online:. Fans of fantasy, the paranormal, and science fiction alike will enjoy transporting themselves into his strange world of ghosts and alternate dimensions. From Locus:. Joe R. Lansdale and illustrator Timothy Truman have pushed the limits of reality and broken through a few in the longest, best adventure our beloved seal has even been on.

Ned and H. Wells, returning from correcting wounds in the fabric of time, not to mention a brief trip to an alternate Mars, have rescued two shipwreck survivors, Bongo Bill and Suzie Q. They have saved them from drowning or possibly being killed by alien invaders. In the process of jumping from one dimension to another, trying to discover a time path home, they find themselves in an inner world with a stationary sun.

It is full of primitive creatures, including dinosaurs, highly intelligent apes, cannibals, strange storms and bad hygiene. Deciding on a brief picnic and minor exploration before jumping to Victorian England, Ned and his friends end up saving a famous apeman from human-eating birds, and soon set out to assist the apeman, Tango, in stealing a Golden Fleece with curative powers, a fleece skinned from the body of a strange space traveler.

The fleece resides in a magnificent city, a kind of Shangri-La in the far Blue Mountains. Nothing seems to cure her, but the rumored miraculous powers of the Golden Fleece just might.

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She has been pulled into a time warp and blended with the souls of marauding aliens, as well as the techno souls of their machines. She has mutated.

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She has grown to great size. She has invented rolling machines that maul the trees and crush the earth, blend rocks and bones, blood and jungle into one vast wasteland. She has gained terrible powers, and lost all connection to humanity. Her whole purpose is chaos, and she has gathered an army to help her do just that.

She has destroyed the villages she has come across and enslaved the inhabitants. She and her army are heading in the direction of the Blue Mountains, to the fabled city that contains the Golden Fleece. Come now to the worlds and times of Ned the Seal. Share his journeys, as he honks the horn on his power sled, avoids becoming a culinary prize of beasts and cannibals, and settles in for a meal of fish, baked or fried, dried or raw. Cause the Sky Done Ripped and everything has gone to adventurous hell.

And thank goodness. We've added a large over pages compendium of John Crowley's non-fiction to our schedule later this year.

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  • Read on for the full details on Reading Backwards , which is a must for any reader of one of our finest novelists. David J. Schow's stylish new crime novel, The Big Crush , is shipping. Given the strong reviews—see below—the print run is moving swiftly. Hot pursuit, run-and-gun action, and a romantic obsession at the center of it all. Especially you. Could fearing for your life be the ultimate aphrodisiac?

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    A modern Los Angeles noir. Black ops. Murder for hire. And a love story about people invisible to the citizens of the ordinary, waking world. Schow presents alternating chapters from the viewpoint of characters with a variety of different aliases, then torques the plot with so many outrageous twists that they cease to be unbelievable.

    A kinetic, comical thriller that fires away with abandon.

    We're thrilled to announce the signed limited edition of Jim Butcher's collection of Dresden Files stories, Brief Cases , highlighted by the new novella, "Zoo Day. Check out the book's product page for full details. We suspect this coverage will lead to a quick sell out of Ben's tale. The second printing of The Providence Rider , which may be Robert McCammon's most thrilling Matthew Corbett adventure, has just been sent to the printer. Watch for copies to ship in April. Click here to read more about The Providence Rider or to place your order.

    We'd like to offer our congratulations to all of the Nebula Award finalists this year, while highlighting that our own Aliette de Bodard's The Tea Master and the Detective is a finalist in the novella category. We suspect that many readers will be happy to know that not only is Aliette working on a new Xuya universe novella for us, but that we have her first collection under contract, as well.

    The print edition is long sold out, but the ebook is available, of course. Here's a taste of some of the praise The Tea Master and the Detective has garnered:. The story works as well as both science fiction and murder mystery, exploring a future where pride, guilt, and mercy are not solely the province of humans. From Kirkus:. From Tor. And it ends it a way that recalls the original Holmes and Watson, while being perfectly appropriate to itself.

    From Locus Gary K. Wolfe :. The latest is from Tor. Witty, gentle, generous, and deeply humane, this is Bujold at the peak of her form. I loved this novella, and I recommend it wholeheartedly. Lois' many fans will be happy to know that we plan to announce her novella, The Flowers of Vashnoi , as soon as the cover art is in house.

    The Best of Greg Egan is one of the largest and most accomplished such volumes we've assembled. The author has chosen roughly k words well over pages of his best fiction, with an emphasis on novellas. Please note that we will not be publishing an ebook of this one. In a career spanning more than thirty years, he has produced a steady stream of novels and stories that address a wide range of scientific and philosophical concerns: artificial intelligence, higher mathematics, science vs religion, the nature of consciousness, and the impact of technology on the human personality.

    All these ideas and more find their way into this generous and illuminating collection, the clear product of a man who is both a master storyteller and a rigorous, exploratory thinker. This book really does represent the best of Greg Egan, and it therefore takes its place among the best of contemporary SF. Startling, intelligent and always hugely entertaining, it provides an ideal introduction to one of the most accomplished and original writers working today.

    Head over to the In the Shadow of Spindrift House page to check out an exclusive creepy excerpt from Mira Grant's upcoming novella! Gary Gianni has been busy on the exclusive art for the signed limited edition of George R. Here's a small version of the illustration that will grace the colored endpapers. The size above doesn't do the original justice. We'll show off another color piece or two in the near future.

    Copies of the signed limited edition are still available for preorder. Dawson writing as Lila Bowen , and Chuck Wendig is shipping. We're in the odd position of a having been shorted by our printer, so that we might not have the full copies for sale once we quality check them all; and b having distributors and large online retailers placing a strange array of orders, so out of the ordinary that it may take a week or two before we know if the book is indeed out of print on publication. Pick up your copy from your preferred supplier early, just to be safe.

    Oh, and there are a few lettered copies still available for preorder. We're working on a nifty little extra for the traycase.

    We have another blurb to share with you, as well. Martin and Lisa Tuttle's classic fantasy novel, Windhaven. Look for this title to soar to the printer soon. Head over to the book's product page to check out some of the full-color plates and black-and-white interior art. The Lawrence Block -edited anthology, At Home in the Dark , has just drawn its first couple of reviews.

    Here's part of what Booklist had to say:. And here's Publishers Weekly singling out a a few stories:.

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    All magical places that mortals can travel to and marvel at the strange creatures and wonders not seen in our world. Multi-millionaire Tip Fallows is a recreational hunter looking for more interesting challenges. Another wealthy hunter, Stockton, has a secret to share and a journey to offer. All they need to do is pay a quarter of a million dollars to go through a little door in an old house in rural Maine. We see a supernatural adventure film that bring a fresh magical take on The Most Dangerous Game.

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    Distributor orders have been strong, so we don't know how long we'll have copies after publication. As an added bonus, each of the novellas features a full-color plate by Galen Dara. We'll get right to it. Here's the pertinent part:. The signed, limited edition is bound in leather, with two color plates by Jon Foster not included in the trade hardcover.