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Shauna Granger Publisher info Shauna Granger lives in a sleepy little beach town in Southern California with her husband, John, and their goofy dog, Brody. Always fascinated by Magic, Shauna spent most of her teen years buried in books about fairies, elves, gnomes, spells, witchcraft, wizards and sorcery. When she's not busy working on the next installment of the Elemental Series she enjoys cooking, entertaining, MMA fight nights, watching way too much TV and coffee. Lots of coffee. Sort by: Authors. Highest Rated.

Words: 72, Language: English. Published: February 6, by Shauna Granger. Valentine's Day is coming and for Witch for Hire, Matilda Kavanagh, that means the busiest time of year for her little business of potions, spells, and charms. But someone is trading on her name and their products are having disastrous results.

Mattie's gotta find this impostor and stop them before things get out of hand. Words: 71, Published: December 5, by Shauna Granger. Good little boys and girls dream of presents and goodies on Christmas morning, but the citizens of Havencrest remember a more sinister entity haunting their holidays. Bad little boys and girls don't get lumps of coal in their stockings when Krampus comes a'calling. Teeth and claws that grab and snatch. Brambles and switches that cut and slash.

Those are the things the naughty children get. Words: 74, Published: October 30, by Shauna Granger. These are erotic novellas that contain explicit material. Included: Nightbound Nightflight Nightmask. Words: 24, Published: October 1, by Shauna Granger. This is an erotic novella, which contains explicit material and imagery.


If you are offended by such content, you have been warned. The continuation of the Roxy Quinn Fantasies. Words: 19, Published: September 9, by Shauna Granger. This is an erotic novella with explicit language and imagery. If you are offended by such content, please be warned before reading.

The continuation of the erotic adventures of Bright Elf, Roxy Quinn. Roxy has returned home after her whirlwind Vegas weekend. At the club on a lazy Wednesday night, the management has invited an absinthe proprietor to hold a tasting. Words: 62, Published: July 29, by Shauna Granger. This collection contains Volumes four through six of the Taryn Malloy Fantasies. It includes: Elfmoon Elfcharm Elfspirit. Words: 23, Published: July 8, by Shauna Granger. The epic conclusion of the Elfmoon trilogy. Taryn Malloy, Bright Elf living in a human world, knows there is something missing in her life.

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All her life, Taryn has refueled her powers with sex and lust, the life-giving forces her people have managed to find in the human world. Words: 29, Published: February 2, by Shauna Granger. This is an erotic novella that contains explicit, sexual material and imagery. If you find such content offensive please be advised.

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Words: 42, Published: December 11, by Shauna Granger. Four fairy tales for the price of three! Words: 18, Published: August 25, by Shauna Granger. Weeks after the Summer Solstice Massacre, the supernatural community is starting to come out of hiding, assimilating back into society as the humans begin to recover from their wounds and sorrow. The only thing that had save Taryn from the Moon Madness was a magic charm, a Star of the Shide, given to her by a mysterious green-eyed elf.

Words: 7, Published: May 31, by Shauna Granger. When Gretel realizes Hansel is under the spell of another woman it is up to her to rescue him and their relationship. Words: 59, Published: April 10, by Shauna Granger. It includes: Elfbitten Elfstruck Elfspell.

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Words: 3, Published: April 6, by Shauna Granger. In her eighteenth year, Rosamond pricks her finger on a spindle, sending the whole palace into an enchanted sleep as she waits for her one true love to break the spell with a kiss. As Rosamond sleeps she dreams of her true love, she dreams of his taking her into her arms and making sweet, passionate love to her. Published: February 19, by Shauna Granger. Months later and Taryn is starting to feel normal again. It is also the full moon and while Taryn is off with her lover, Daniel, raising her magic with their lovemaking, something horrible is happening at the festival.

Humans are becoming struck with Moon Madness. Words: 4, Published: January 3, by Shauna Granger. Could they be the answer to all their dreams? Published: December 15, by Shauna Granger. Words: 8, Published: December 2, by Shauna Granger. Cinderella sets out to seduce the crown prince in a plot to save her enslaved mother and father. Prince Brennan is sent on a ridiculous mission by his father the King, to find a cache of pirate gold. When they arrive at the island rumored to contain the gold, the crew starts to hear mysterious singing, pulling them from bed.


Finally one night three women appear on a jetty of rocks, their sirens song and naked bodies tempt the men into dangerous consequences. Published: August 24, by Shauna Granger. The miller can't pay his taxes and in a desperate bid to buy himself time to collect the money, he promises that his young daughter, Claire, can spin straw into gold.

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