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Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church in Richmond, Indiana has a collection of 62 Tiffany windows which are still their original placements, but the church is deteriorating and in jeopardy. The church was Tiffany's place of worship, and was torn down in after the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company bought the land to build their new headquarters. Tiffany had inserted a clause in his contract stipulating that if the church were ever to be demolished then ownership of the windows would revert to him.

Tiffany enjoyed staying at the Mission Inn in Riverside, California , and had become friends with the founder of the Mission Inn, Frank Augustus Miller , so, after meeting with Miller in New York, Tiffany shipped the windows to the Mission Inn; they arrived there in , [26] and were stored until the inn's St. Francis Chapel was completed in The St Francis Chapel was designed with the intent of prominently displaying Tiffany's windows. The Arlington Street Church in Boston has 16 Tiffany windows of a set of 20, designed by Frederick Wilson — , Tiffany's chief designer for ecclesiastical windows.

The church archives include designs for 4 additional windows, which were never commissioned due to financial constraints caused by the Great Depression. Significant collections of Tiffany windows outside the United States are the 17 windows in the former Erskine and American United Church, now part of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal, Canada , [30] and the two windows in the American Church in Paris , on the Quai d'Orsay , which have been classified as National Monuments by the French government; these were commissioned by Rodman Wanamaker in for the original American Church building on the right bank of the Seine.

The Haworth Art Gallery in Accrington , England [31] contains a collection of over examples of the work of Louis Comfort Tiffany, including vases, tiles, lamps and mosaics. The collection, which claims to be the largest collection of publicly owned Tiffany glass outside of the United States, contains a fine example of an Aquamarine vase and the noted Sulphur Crested Cockatoos mosaic.

Window of St. Augustine , in the Lightner Museum , St. Augustine, Florida. Angel of the Resurrection , in the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American stained glass and jewelry designer. Tiffany Studios Daffodil stained glass leaded lampshade, now known to be one of head designer Clara Driscoll 's creations.

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Close-up of a Tiffany Studios "Venetian" desk lamp, c. The Essential Louis Comfort Tiffany.

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Retrieved May 16, Arlington Street Church. National Park Service.

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Retrieved May 30, Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. He apparently based the character of Holly on several different women, all friends or close acquaintances of his. Capote's biographer Gerald Clarke wrote "half the women he knew According to the biographer of Joan McCracken , McCracken had a violent dressing room outburst after learning of the wartime death of her brother, while she was appearing in the Bloomer Girl McCracken's biographer suggests that Capote was inspired by this event as a model for a scene in which Holly reacts to her brother's death overseas.

In the novella, Holly Golightly is also depicted singing songs from Oklahoma! It was to be illustrated with a big series of photo montages by David Attie , who had been hired for the job by Harper's art director Alexey Brodovitch. However, after the publication was scheduled, longtime Harper ' s editor Carmel Snow was ousted by the magazine's publisher, the Hearst Corporation, and Hearst executives began asking for changes to the novella's tart language.

By this time, Attie's montages had been completed, and Alice Morris, the fiction editor of Harper's , recounted that while Capote initially refused to make any changes, he relented "partly because I showed him the layouts Its language and subject matter were still deemed "not suitable", and there was concern that Tiffany's, a major advertiser, would react negatively. Shortly afterward, a collection of the novella and three short stories by Capote was published by Random House — and the glowing reviews caused sales of the Esquire issue to skyrocket.

The collection has been reprinted several times; the novella has been included in other Capote collections.

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Capote's original typed manuscript was offered for sale by a New Hampshire auction house in April Sosin said he planned to display it publicly in Moscow and Monte Carlo. She observes that both characters are "unattached, unconventional wanderers, dreamers in pursuit of some ideal of happiness.

Capote himself acknowledged that Golightly was the favorite of his characters. The novella's prose style prompted Norman Mailer to call Capote "the most perfect writer of my generation," adding that he "would not have changed two words in Breakfast at Tiffany's ".

The novella was loosely adapted into the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's starring Audrey Hepburn and directed by Blake Edwards. The movie was transposed to rather than the s, the period of the novella. In addition to this, at the end of the film the protagonist and Holly fall in love and stay together, whereas in the novella there is no love affair whatsoever — Holly just leaves the United States and the narrator has no idea what happened to her since then, except for a photograph of a wood carving found years later in Africa which bears a striking resemblance to Holly.

In addition, there are many other changes, including major omissions, to the plot and main character in the film from the novella. Capote originally envisioned Marilyn Monroe as Holly, and lobbied the studio for her, but the film was done at Paramount , and though Monroe did independent films, including for her own production company, she was still under contract with Twentieth Century Fox , and had just completed Let's Make Love with Yves Montand. A musical version of Breakfast at Tiffany's also known as Holly Golightly premiered in in Boston. Kruschen's role was based on Joe Bell, a major character in Capote's novella who was omitted from the film version.

There have been two adaptations of the novella into stage plays, both directed by Sean Mathias.

Playboy : Would you elaborate on your comment that Holly was the prototype of today's liberated female and representative of a "whole breed of girls who live off men but are not prostitutes. They're our version of the geisha girl Capote : Holly Golightly was not precisely a call girl. She had no job, but accompanied expense-account men to the best restaurants and night clubs, with the understanding that her escort was obligated to give her some sort of gift, perhaps jewelry or a check So these girls are the authentic American geishas, and they're much more prevalent now than in or , which was Holly's era.

Norden, Eric March Reprinted in:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dewey Decimal. Oona O'Neill Gloria Vanderbilt Marilyn Monroe