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The image of a local mom and pop shop always brings a smile to my face. How could they do that? Living in downtown Boston and commuting to work on foot, through one of the main shopping strips in the city, I tend to stay pretty up-to-date on new store openings. But not everyone has this benefit.

What is Google My Business?

Many people commute to work on freeways, without ever getting a glimpse of new store openings. Many local business owners are not tech-savvy, not invested in online advertising, and hold the belief that the storefront itself will attract business. From restaurants, boutiques, repair stores, beauty shops - all of these brick and mortar business should be leveraging online advertising.

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If you fit into the mold I described above, I definitely recommend signing up for this program. Check out the example below of a local Boston restaurant which clearly maintains their Google My Business Account with photos, contact information, reviews, and an intriguing line of text to describe the cuisine and vibe of the restaurant.

If your store front is not on the list, you just lost a potential customer. Google released these call-only campaigns in February of , designed to show only on mobile devices with the goal of driving more phone calls to your business. Why do they work so well? Well, call-only campaigns remove the leakiest part of the conversion funnel, prevalent in search where one has to visit a landing page in order to access a phone number or form fill out.

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With call-only, visitors simply search and then call, with no landing page barrier in the middle. Of course, there are still those desktop searchers who will visit your site to obtain information.

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This means that calls will also be important in your Google Ads conversions occurring through landing page visits , but the problem is they can be challenging to track — the ROI of your campaigns is misrepresented, making it challenging to evaluate the effectiveness of your Google Ads spend. This closes the loop so you can not only drive more calls, but know which ads led to calls that resulted in sales or closed deals.

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When your storefront is the main place that conversions occur , the main goal of your Google Ads campaigns is to drive traffic to your store. In addition to call information, listing your address is beyond important. Today, MedHaul runs Google Ads campaigns to reach people searching for transportation solutions and uses G Suite tools to collaborate efficiently. Erica remains committed to providing all communities with access to reliable medical transportation.

Medhaul , Memphis, TN. When Tirsa Vazquez gave birth to her son, Khalif, in May , she had a lot to juggle: motherhood, her career, college at night, and the Air Force Reserve. Wanting a career with more flexibility and control, Tirsa started VXXXV Apparel, a Philadelphia-based urban streetwear clothing brand named after her son's birthday.

Turn snapshots into sales.

As her company begins to expand, Tirsa plans to hire more employees and eventually have her own warehouse. News Recent Grow with Google announcements Stories Learn how people across the country are using technology to achieve their goals Insights The latest research, learnings, and inspiration from Grow with Google.

For Local Businesses Learn how to grow your business using digital marketing tools and resources. An American footwear company using technology to step into the future Making shoes is Sara's passion. Making them in America is her mission.

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The web is making it simpler for her to connect with more customers, and Google is helping. Reach More Customers Online Identify new markets for your business Market Finder is a free service for businesses interested in expanding internationally. Stand Out Online Get listed on Google and build your website Google My Business helps you build a website in minutes and claim your free Google listing so customers can find you on Search and Maps. Get personalized recommendations to make your website faster on mobile devices Test My Site shows you how fast your mobile site loads, with recommendations on how to improve speed and how you compare with others in your industry.

Manage Your Business Effectively Collaborate with your team G Suite is a suite of work applications like email, calendar, file storage, documents, and more that help businesses of all sizes work faster, smarter, and better together.

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Better understand your customers Google Analytics is a free tool that businesses can use to gain insight into their data and take action on those insights to drive results. Build Your Skills Improve your business and marketing skills with five-minute lessons Primer is a mobile app with quick, interactive lessons on writing a business plan, making a great website, marketing a business online, and more. Build your expertise in online advertising Skillshop offers online courses that help you use Google ad tools to achieve your business goals.

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