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This version was first aired in the US as part of the Great Performances series.

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Lucy is eroticized much further than her literary incarnation, becoming more than seductive and coquettish, even tempting, and what she says often refers to sex. As a spoiled child of aristocracy, she talks with artlessness and frankness, bordering on the indecent. Unlike her friend Mina, who stays resolute, Lucy's sexual tendencies are to be her downfall. Dracula then rapes her in the garden. This adaptation portrays Lucy's character more frequently than any other film.

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Lucy's character remained largely unchanged in BBC One's adaptation of Dracula , where she was played by Sophia Myles , although she serves as an unintentional catalyst for events as her new husband, Arthur Holmwood, arranges for Dracula to come to Britain in the hope that Dracula will be able to cure him of the syphilis that prevents Holmwood consummating his marriage to Lucy. In this version, Lucy is bisexual and harbors secret romantic feelings for Mina. This version of Lucy becomes the third of Dracula's vampire brides. The name of her character is actually an irreverent reference to the original novel and has no relation to the Westenra character.

Before being turned, Lucy herself states this, mentioning she was named after the Peanuts character. In this version the characters of Lucy and Mina were combined to create Dr.

Seward's daughter, who falls under Dracula's power but is saved from death at the end of the play. Marcella Gaudel starred as Lucy in the revival of the play in Ann Sachs played the role of Lucy, in yet another revival of the play in Lauren Thompson replaced Sachs in the role some time later before the play closed in Dracula, The Musical opened on Broadway in Lucy Westenra plays a less-than-crucial part.

She is very much like the novel, though in this version Dracula originally targeted Mina Murray, but Lucy becomes his victim when she answers Dracula's call. She dies, a victim of the count, and rises as an undead vampire. She is destroyed by the men, as in the novel, but Mina is shown severely mourning her.

The role has been played by Kelli O'Hara. Lucy is portrayed as in the novel as a dark haired nineteen-year-old beauty who is killed along with her mother by Count Dracula in after Abraham Van Helsing tries to save her life. Topps Comics also did a comics adaption of the film Bram Stoker's Dracula. In it, Lucy is a beautiful young woman who, while being visited by her friend Mina, is struck with sleepwalking and anemia , but this is discovered to be the work of Dracula.

She dies because of her ignorant maid ruining Van Helsing's plans.


Later the Helsing takes Arthur to the cemetery where she has become a vampire. In this rendition, floating through the air and her hair moving in an ethereal manner.


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Lucy is turned by Dracula as followed by the original story. But it deviates from there as Dracula had managed to reach her crypt and spirited her away before Van Helsing, Dr. Seward, Quincy and Harker can kill her due to Holmwood's treachery. She becomes a minion to Dracula and helps with his plan to take over London.

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During her first confrontation with the heroes, she is horribly scarred when Holmes manages to hit her with a flare. She recovers by turning on Holmwood and feeding on him before leading an ambush with Dracula's brides against the heroes.

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However, she reveals she is not particularly loyal to Dracula, reveling more in her vampiric power than in serving him; even stating she enjoys being a monster now. She is immune to religious symbols, considering herself more enlightened than Dracula's other brides since she was turned in the recent times. However, as Lucy trades insights with Helsing who sees her as suffering the curse of the undead, in contrast to her twisted view of it being a blessing that frees her from her human responsibilities , she realizes that she is outmatched as the brides are killed.

Lucy then proposes a deal, in which she will kill the last bride for them and leave them alone in exchange for not coming after her. Before escaping through the ceiling, her last words are an apology to Jonathan for the death of Mina who in this version killed herself before she turned and her regret that Mina "doesn't know what she's missing". Her fate is left unresolved as the heroes make Dracula their top priority after he infiltrates Buckingham Palace to kill the Queen and take over London.

At the end of the mini-series, Lucy is the only vampire not accounted for and is still at large through London. Roz Lee rated it really liked it Oct 19, Lillium rated it it was ok Apr 12, Donna rated it it was amazing May 29, Marieke Dijkstra rated it did not like it Mar 21, Mari J.

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