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He specializes in CSR, especially social investment. He holds a M. He has authored articles and books on small-scale enterprises, income distribution, economic growth, statistics, finance and education. Information Sciences, Complutense University of Madrid. Her current research interests include corporate social responsibility, consumer behavior, corporate marketing and responsible management. Her research focuses on theoretical and empirical studies in the tourism sector.

His other interest is the psychology of sustainability. He publishes on his research interest in both scientific and practitioner-oriented journals and book chapters. Particularly, she is specialized in labor social responsibility practices. Her research interest is related to ethical consumption and consumer behavior. She has a long record of experience in the area of disaster management.

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As an expert in the area of disaster management she prepared the handbook, Methodology of Risk Assessment and Emergency Management Planning at the Local Level. During that year in USA her focus was on public policy making and emergency preparedness.

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Radovic will focus her future activities in academic community in order to share acquired knowledge to help her country, Serbia in supporting the necessary reforms in the context of Euro-Atlantic Integrations. He is the director of research at Corporate Governance and Responsibility Development Centre, an external reviewer to several Int.

Pedro M. His teaching experience more than 15 years spans the broad range of strategy, human resources and management. She has been the author or co-author of several articles published in indexed journals. She has participated in over communications in national and International conferences and is a member of the scientific committee. She reviews international scientific magazines in Spain, United States and Brazil. Her main research topics are: Corporate Social Responsibility, quality, tourism, the hotel industry and human resources.

Since , she has been teaching undergraduate, master and PhD students.

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Her main research areas include: management, strategic management, and mostly quality management, instruments and models specific to the stages of quality planning, control and improvement, quality management strategies, ISO standards, CSR from the perspective of specific standards and instruments. She continued her academic pursuits in Marmara and Istanbul Bilgi University and earned her PhD in Organizational Behavior with her dissertation on the investigation of organizational citizenship behaviors in Turkish SMEs. Her academic research focus concentrates on the dynamics of micro organizational phenomena including work values, organizational citizenship behavior, organizational commitment, alienation, leadership and cooperative behavior.

She has served as coordinator in Public Relations program in Istanbul Bilgi University from to and has recently became Associate Professor. Last January she completed her masters in Business Administration and currently she is writing her thesis for the Social Psychology masters. The two masters complement each other very well; she gathered knowledge about consumers, organizations, groups of people and how to influence them and combined this with strategic and economic knowledge. She is interested in marketing and consultancy and after her internship, which will start this September, she would like to find a job in either marketing or consultancy.

Further, Anya has always been very interested in CSR and the non-profit market, one of the reasons why she chooses to write her first master thesis about CSR. SOLVE is a professional student consultancy organization active in social enterprise consulting. As long as you attribute the data sets to the source, publish your adapted database with ODbL license, and keep the dataset open don't use technical measures such as DRM to restrict access to the database. The datasets are also available as weekly exports.

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Crook, C. Crossan, M. Hulland eds. Transcendent leadership: Strategic leadership in dynamic environments.

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