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Ysabel restaurant and lounge is a hidden architectural treasure nestled on Fairfax Avenue in West Hollywood. The menu offers bold yet bright flavour profiles with an emphasis on organic produce and the highest quality ingredients.

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Wink the Astrokitty drawn by Matt Olson. All rights reserved. Tweets by SFReviewsnet There is almost enough entertainment value in Ysabel , Guy Gavriel Kay's first full-on contemporary fantasy The Fionavar Tapestry had some contemporary scenes, but that's all , to overcome the shortcomings of its story. This is the first Kay novel I've been disappointed in, though I'll admit to liking much of it. Though there's no indication Ysabel is going to be marketed as a young-adult, that's kinda what it is, starring a likable year-old hero caught up in the culmination of a battle spanning years.

Kay has a large cast of hugely appealing protagonists who give you your emotional investment in the unfolding tale.

But the tale itself has way too many holes, and leaves a bevy of unanswered questions. At the end of the day, Ysabel is somewhat less than the sum of its parts. It never entirely comes together as a satisfying whole. Ned is the teenage son of Edward Marriner, a world-renowned photographer.

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They are in Aix-en-Provence in the south of France for six weeks, where Edward is working on photos for a coffee-table book of old cathedrals, accompanied by a small crew and Edward's ultra-efficient personal assistant Melanie. It is at one cathedral that Ned meets Kate, an American exchange student, as well as a mysterious individual who comes up out of a grate leading to Roman-era ruins beneath the cathedral.

Ned's encounter with this person gives him a strange feeling, as if Ned suddenly possesses a vague connection to past incidents he shouldn't know. The stranger mutters some creepy lines about an enemy he's seeking, then disappears. To cut a long synopsis short, we learn that the mystery man is named Phelan, and he and his arch-rival Cadell have been waging a battle down through the centuries for the love of an enigmatic is there any other kind in a story like this?

Cadell and Ysabel belonged to a tribe of Celts who settled in the south of France years ago. When they encountered the Roman traders led by Phelan, a rivalry for Ysabel began between the men that has lasted to this day. Ned has a connection to these events he can't properly explain, as does his aunt. Estranged from the family since before Ned was born, she and her husband turn up to help Ned when he and Kate get unwittingly caught up in a ritual they witness on the night of Beltaine, and must rescue a friend drawn into Cadell and Phelan's age-old feud.

As you can probably see, Kay's enduring fondness for the classical world has not been sidelined. He's found an inventive way of projecting the ancient world onto the present one, aided, no doubt, by his choice of location; so much of Europe, pockmarked as it is with ruins and shadowed by millennia of history, seems to exist in more than one time period at once.

See a Problem?

But here lies the problem. There's a lack of clarity about the whole feud. We understand how it began, and its ramifications it led to a war in antiquity in which over , were slaughtered. But as for the fantasy elements, Kay never makes clear exactly what magical or mystical process took place to cause this feud to be fought and re-fought over and over down the centuries. Okay, so Druids are involved, and there are wolf and boar spirits, but in the effort to evoke an ambiance of eerie ancient mystery, Kay doesn't give us much in the way of narrative understanding.

Most problematic is that Ysabel herself remains a hazy, ill-defined figure. We see her very little, and know her almost not at all. So apart from her being some sort of Celtic Helen of Troy, we never gain a full appreciation of why the love of two men grew into this timeless feud that has taken countless lives.

Who is Ysabel, really?

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